Remora | FAQs
The 'Remora' is a suction foil mount that is compatible with all known HydroFoil Systems. allowing you to attach & unattach from any board, surfboard, kiteboard, windsurf or SUP. Patent Pending.
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about Remora, you can probably find the answer here.  If not, then please get in touch.

Will the Remora fit my board?

The Remora is compatible with most boards on the market. However, boards with a pronounced V’s or rocker may not be suitable.

Will the Remora fit my Foil?

The Remora Suction Foil Mounts are compatible with Foil Base Plate hole spacing 165mm x 90mm and 140mm x 90mm.

Does the Remora float?

This very much depends on the foil that it is being used with. In testing, the Remora floated with the foils that we used. However, we always recommend using a leash, which is available for purchase here.

How do I attach the Remora to my board?

For full instruction on setting up Remora on your board, please visit this page.

Should I use a leash with the Remora?

We’d recommend that you attach Remora to your board using a leash. These are available to purchase here through the Remora Shop.

How securely does the Remora fit to a board?

By following the guidelines for securing the Remora to your board, the Remora will have an extremely secure attachment. If your foil is impacted at speed, the Remora is designed to release from your board, minimising the chance of any damage.

Does the Remora cause excess drag?

No. The extra drag caused by Remora is not noticeable. Drag exponentially increases with speed. Your board and Remora will be clear of the water and foiling before any speed is reached where drag may become an issue.

Can I reattach the Remora whilst still on the water?

Yes, you can reattach the Remora & foil to your board whilst out on the water. On a SUP, surfboard or windsurf board, this is fairly straight forward, however, if you are kite foiling, it can be tricky to reattach whilst flying your kite. Whenever the Remora has become detached whilst out on the water, we always recommend that you head back to shore to confirm that you have a secure attachment.

How do I know where to position my Remora?

One of the main design benefits of the Remora is that it can be repositioned anytime to find the optimum position. If the nose lifts up while foiling, move the Remora and foil aft. If the nose dives whilst foiling, move the Remora and foil forward. The Remora also comes with a centre line indicator for easy alignment on your board.

Does the Remora require maintenance?

It is essential that at the end of your session, Remora is thoroughly hosed down with fresh water and allowed to dry. When not using the Remora, keep the suckers out of direct sunlight.

Environmental Credentials

The Remora uses a specialised rigid waterproof core which is constructed from recycled plastic bottles.