Remora | Our Story
The 'Remora' is a suction foil mount that is compatible with all known HydroFoil Systems. allowing you to attach & unattach from any board, surfboard, kiteboard, windsurf or SUP. Patent Pending.
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Our Story

Necessity is the Mother of all Invention.

Since it first hit the scene, designer Paul Myerscough has been passionate about Hydrofoiling. He soon became the ‘Go To’ guy at the beach for help and advice, but he quickly realised that many of us are presented with the same costly and annoying problems:
I want to try Hydrofoiling but buying another board is just too expensive.

Getting into Hydrofoiling means more boards, more kit, more storage.

I’ve fixed my foil to my board but I think I’ve got the position wrong!

Is this the best position for the foil before I drill holes into my new board?

Hydrofoiling is a fantastic sport and is only going to grow in popularity. There clearly needed to be a solution that would make it easier for anyone to get into hydrofoiling. After many hours designing in his workshop and testing out on the water, ‘Remora’ was born.
Attaches to your board in seconds. Can be quickly moved to reach the optimum position.

Easy to transport. Travel with less kit, making holidays and road trips easier.

You want to Foil with your kiteboard & SUP? Before Remora you'd have needed 4 boards!

Remora is designed to detach on impact without damaging your board.